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Branded Castelli Notebooks – A Look at the Castelli Brand

It’s an exciting time here at Rapid Notes as we welcome branded Castelli notebooks into our luxury notebooks family. Offering high quality notebooks yet at the same time very cost effective. The Castelli brand dates back over 50 years and after already proving so popular since launching the brand here at Rapid Notes we thought that this week we would take a look at the brand in a little more detail.

Castelli have been creating luxury paper products since 1965 from their small Bergamo workshop based in the Lombardy region of Italy not far from Milan. To this day the Castelli Italy brand remains a family led company and prides itself in creating memorable, high quality, diaries and notebooks. Evidently as a family led brand Castelli nurture and care for their work with a certain ethos of respectfulness and authenticity across all of their high quality, Italian made notebooks and diaries.

Surprisingly, still to this day all of the notebook and diary collections are designed and made in Bergamo, Italy and have been since the beginning. Established as a global executive notebook brand, Castelli has collaborated in design with like minded people from organisations such as La Scala and Louis Vuitton.

Another useful thing to know is the wide variety of different materials, shapes, styles, and textures that the different families of books have available. The range of colours alone is especially important as this ensures that regardless of a companies brand guidelines, when it comes to executive branded notebooks the Castelli family have something perfectly suited. One of our favourites is the Appel Notebook. This sustainable notebook really reflects the brands commitment to the environment, creating a notebook produced from parts of the everyday apple that we often overlook. The notebook is made from apple peel, vegetable fibres, and sustainable pulp.

The Castelli Sustainable Appeel Branded Notebooks


When it comes to cover styles, there is the option of both hard hack and soft flexible cover notebooks depending on individual preference. Whilst the flexible cover books do have a thinner cover than the hardback both styles equally lend themselves perfectly to the popular blind debossing branding technique.


Embossed Sustainable Notebooks

Castelli Blind Debossed Notebooks


You can view the entire range of Castelli Branded Notebooks and view a range of unique shapes, sizes, materials, and book styles.

Looking for some help and advice on the large range? Just contact one of our dedicated account managers who are on hand to provide advice and guidance on which notebooks are most suitable for your requirements.