Branded Notepads

Branded Notepads are a practical desk accessory that we all know and love. Logo Printed Pads are perfect for taking quick notes throughout the day such as telephone numbers reminders and lists. 

Here at Rapid Notes, we create custom branded notepads are in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. We even create bespoke shaped notepad options with pads cut in the shape of houses, cars, animals, computers to name a few. For example, businesses related to courier services or delivery drivers are ideally suited to a bespoke van shaped notepad, whilst pet sanctuaries or veterinaries could be represented by animal shaped notepads. The possibilities are endless when we combine creativity with a great quality print! 

Printed notepads are an extremely effective marketing tool, they are a practical desk accessory that many people rely on each day. Notepads, along with promotional pens, are certainly one of the most cost-effective stationery promotional products whilst still remaining highly effective.