Welcoming You To The World Of Parker

World Of Parker Pens

Welcoming You To The World Of Branded Parker Pens

Indulge in The Story of The Parker Brand

George Stafford Parker began his professional career as a sales advisor at the John Hollands Pen Company. Although his job role was to sell, his heart was fixed on mending pens that had minor malfunctions. With this, he decided to leave the company, and invent his own adaptation to the iconic fountain pen. It was not long after in 1888 the Parker Pen company arrived.

In 1889 the company released their first fountain pen. It was a few years after, that they found a new investor, an insurance broker. He was willing to invest $1,000 and take half of the company shares. This was agreed to and the company was officially open for business! 

It was 1894 when the company had their first major breakthrough. This was thanks to the Lucky Curve ink feed system, designed to drain ink back into the pens source by a capillary action when in the pocket of the holder. Parker developed this strategy right up until 1928 when it then became the leader of the favourite fountain pen market.

Today, Parker is still one of the most valued stationery manufacturers in the world. Their beautiful designs, alongside the developing innovations have allowed the trademark brand to remain at the forefront of our minds when it comes to luxury pens and writing gifts. 

What is so special about Parker?

You may ask yourself, what makes a Parker pen different from an ordinary pen? Well, let us explain. Parker holds an enormous brand recognition worldwide. This is particularly due to their reliability and style, but also due to the quality you receive for the affordable price you pay. Furthermore, on average a Parker can keep its original performance for a little as five years to as long as a lifetime depending upon how the pen is looked after.

All of the Parker pens offer their own unique writing experience. For example, the bestselling Parker Jotter is generally slim and narrow, making this product perfect for those with small hands whereas in comparison the Parker IM Fountain Pen is slightly bolder and weighted towards the nib, providing a suitable shape for those who are custom to a heavier metal pen when writing. 

Why Choose Parker Pens Personalised With Your Logo?

It’s well known that custom branded pens are one of the most successful promotional marketing giveaways. The only complication when it comes to promotional pens is the tendency of failing to stand out from the crowd. With thousands of brands choosing promotional pens to advertise and promote their brand it can be difficult to choose a writing instrument that will leave your brand at the forefront of the recipients mind. 

Personalising the iconic Parker Pen with your custom company logo creates a clear message of style. Your company branded stationery is a testament to how you wish for your brand to be perceived by customers and prospects. Producing executive metal pens in a luxury gift box such as the Parker delivers a message that Parker quality is synonymous with your brand. Delivering this marketing message through your stationery further assists with your mission to stand out from the crowd in a crowded market place. What’s more, the recipient of a luxury Parker pen is highly likely to feel appreciated which often results in conversion or continuous customer retention. 

Popular Ways to Promote with Parker Pens.

Staff Welcome Packs –  start off on the right foot with new staff, providing your new employees with a valuable welcome gift including a luxury notebook and a customised company Parker pen. 

Corporate Meetings – Attending a customer meeting? Gift them with a deluxe pen engraved with your company logo to remind them of your brand whenever they make a note. 

Exhibitions and Trade Shows –  Leave a lasting impression with those prospects that engage  at your company stand, provide them with a lasting corporate gift and stand out from the crowd. 

Customer and Staff Gifts – Honour your loyal customers and staff members with a gift to remember. A premium parker pen engraved with your logo is guaranteed to make them feel appreciated. 

What are my Personalisation Options for Custom Branded Parker Pens?

When it comes to personalising your Parker pens we highly recommend a laser engraving process. This lasting branding process consists of a powerful laser simply cutting into the barrel of the metal pen into any design or shape of your choice. 

Laser engraving metal pens creates a lasting personalisation that will not fade. Engraving scratches into the surface of the metal barrel removing the chance of a printed logo fading over time. 

Choosing the best Parker for your brand.

It’s slightly staggering how many Parker pens there are to choose from. Read our guide below to find out which style works best for your brand. Still need some help? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated account managers who can offer support and advice. 

Parker on a Budget: the Parker Jotter Ballpen is the best value for money. Featuring a luxury slim barrel with a naturally smooth flowing ink. Great for handing out at trade shows or exhibitions, with it’s coloured barrel the Jotter lends itself particularly well to a full colour digitally printed logo to a white barrel. 

Best Selling Parker Pen: the Parker Urban Ballpoint Pen is one of the best selling in our range. Offering a distinctive style with a remarkable performance this pen is perfect for putting in a welcome pack to give to new staff. 

Our Recommended Parker Pen: the Parker Urban Premium Rollerball Pen is distinctly known for its quirky finishes and a matt rendering. We recommend gifting your valued staff with this stunning pen. 

The Most Executive Parker Pen: the Parker Urban Premium Fountain Pen is known for its eye catching style and incredible performance. It’s great for giving to your delegate customers in meetings and conferences.