Branded Journals

Branded Journals are the simple way to share your brand with others.

A journal is a type of record. We all use them each and every day to write details about everything, from important notes for work to our shopping lists. So, on behalf of a marketing opportunity, by placing your logo on the front of something so useful, you are allowing your company to get right in front of customers’ eyes. 

At your next conference meeting think about everyone that has a plain notebook in front of them. And the places their notebook is taken after it. For example, at home and the workplace. Imagine if each one had your brand on it, the brand exposure would be incredible! Therefore, just by handing out a low-cost gift to potential customers at your next meeting could result in hundreds of others seeing your brand too. 

In addition to being a great giveaway to customers, they are also a nice gift to hand out to staff members to brighten up the office. 

At Rapid Notes we have a whole category filled with different styles of journals. Ranging from the larger option of A4 to the smaller of A6. Whether you’re looking for something executive or a budget friendly option, we will have the journal for you.