Branded Castelli Notebooks are the greatest gift you can give. With friendly price tags, stunning finishes and the ability to customise with a design of your choice. It is no surprise that they are the best selling premium notebook brand.

Throughout all of our years of branding executive products Castelli Notebooks have always been popular. It could be because of their unique textures or maybe their cool sizes. Whatever it may be, nothing can compete with them.

Recently Castelli have broadened their range of quality products. So, if you are looking for a deluxe pen to gift with your notebook Castelli are able to help. Additionally, in our range we also have professional presentation options such as Castelli boxes and gift bags.

Here at Rapid Notes we can offer a variety of print techniques to make your Castelli branded notebooks book stand out in the crowds. Take a browse through our range to find one that suits your branding best. If you have any questions regarding your notebook choice please contact us and one of our dedicated account managers will be able to help you out.