Branded Metal Pens

Looking for Branded Metal Pens to go with your promotional luxury notebooks? You have come to the right place!

The reality of it is you can’t use a notebook without a pen. So here at Rapid Notes we have provided you with a wide range of professional pens to choose from to accompany your paper. 

Branded Metal Pens are the perfect giveaway for special clients to remind them of your brand whenever they decide to make a note. By using an executive pen it is likely to communicate to potential customers that you are a reliable, competent and caring brand that provides others with excellent products/services. 

Unlike other promotional items such as toys or bowls, pens are a great way to raise brand awareness. This is due to the practicality of them. In comparison to a bowl, which can only be used at home, a promotional pen can be used everywhere, From around the office to the next quiz night at the pub. 

With our whole range of executive pens you are able to design your branded message which we will imprint it into a pen of your choice to make the most memorable remark from events.