Promotional Pencils

Promotional Pencils have been around since before you and I were. In fact it was back in 1564 when the first pencil was ever created. Although pens are slowly overtaking the wave of pencils, we still believe that as a duo they are the perfect low cost, combo for your next giveaway. 

Promotional pencils are especially great for those who work in creative industries such as graphic design and architecture. For most designers it is an everyday essential to use a pencil when creating a piece of artwork or a mock up. So, why not take a more personal approach by using your own branded pencils. This way you are exposing your brand to others as well as getting the job done!

Additionally pencils are also an essential part of everyday school work. Mainly those in primary school as younger students are taught to write with a pencil before using a pen. 

At Rapid Notes we have a whole range of branded pencils for you to choose from. With a bunch of different shapes, colours and sizes there is a guarantee that you will find one to suit your branding best.