Promotional Pens & Pencils

If you are looking for a promotional pen or pencil to go with your branded notebook you have certainly landed in the right place!

Simply put you are unable to use a notebook unless you have something to write with. This is why we have put a whole range of promotional pens and pencils that can accompany your paper. Lets face it, what’s better than making notes in your own branded notebook with your own branded pens too!

Promotional pens and pencils are one of the greatest giveaways of all time. Customised with your company branding, promotional pens can be handed out at your next trade show, conference meeting or even just to potential customers as a gift. 

For a low cost give away promotional pens/pencils are the answer. Starting at just 8p you can have quality pencils printed with your logo, contact details or promotional message. They make the perfect hand out to promote your company. 

Here at Rapid Notes we have a whole variety of pens to choose from. Whether you’re looking for budget pens or executive pens, eco pens or plastic pens, one minute wonder pens or durable pens. We have everything you need!

For extra information and advice on our branded pens and pencils, please fill out one of our contact forms or drop us an email on